Do you spend too much time AT work?
Not enough time for family and leisure?
Not enough time to learn new technology?
Limited to sharing ideas within your organisation?
Help us to help you........
Answer 13 questions
It's time to start thinking differently about work...

The times are changing, how we work is changing, technology is changing but are you changing with it?
How many people including yourself work at your business/organisation *

Do any of your team work remotely from your office/workplace? *

This can include working from home or a remote office. Fulltime, casually or ad hoc.

How much face to face client contact is required in your business/organisation? *

Face to face contact is required:

Are you happy that you/your organisation is keeping up with the latest technology? *

Do you feel that you/your organisation is getting the most out of the technology currently used in your business/organisation? *

Do you share your ideas/problems outside your own organisation? *

Do you regularly meet with people outside your business/organisation to share ideas. These could be ideas on better processes to run your operation, product ideas, trouble shooting, business tools etc

Do you feel your business/organisation would benefit from collaborating with people outside of your organisation? *

"Collaboration over Competition"
How much personal/business development do you and/or your staff participate in on an annual basis *

This could be seminars, workshops, conferences, online courses etc.

Are you happy with your current rate of business growth? *

Which of these areas of expertise would your business/organisation benefit from outside help with? *

Being regionally based often makes it difficult to get outside help for your business. 
There are other options though, which areas would your business/organisation benefit most from?

How much time each day/week do you spend getting to/from work? *

Time travelling to/from work adds up over the week/year. This could be time that you could be spending with your family or doing leisure activities.
Please allow for the total return trip each day....

How satisfied are you with your quality of work/life balance *

Are you spending too much time at work?
Do you never seem to have enough time to fit in exercise, leisure activities, time with the family?
Is it too dark to do anything by the time you get home?
Would you be brave enough to commit to working outside of your place of work for 1 day a week for 4 weeks? *

"Fortune favours the brave"
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